I am Anastasia

This is the story of Anastasia Biefang, lieutenant colonel in the German military, who was assigned male at birth. At the height of her career she decides to finally come out as transgender. Much to her surprise, she does not face any negative consequences in her career in the military. After her transition she becomes the first female commander in the history of the German military, leading a German armed forces´ battalion for cyber- and information domain service. The film follows her male to female transition and observes her taking over duties as a commander. Anastasia is not the only one transitioning- her battalion must also face up to changes in their mentality.



Anastasia Biefang

Samanta Sokolowski

Christiane Meiners


Producer, Director, Cinematographer: Thomas Ladenburger

Cinematographer Solemn Appeal: Elfi Mikesch, Ralph Netzer

Sound Recording: Astrid Menze, Lilly Grote, Bassano Bonelli Bassano, Manuela Schiniá, David Madry, Leo Schulz

Dramaturgy and Editing: Lena Rem

Sound Mixing: Ansgar Frerich

Music: Oli Biehler



Preoder DVD now!

The DVD will be finally out is is now ready for preoder. Delivery is estimated by the end of September. Subtitles in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Extras: Christiane "TX" - Portrait of a warrior; Research material: Talk with Christiane Tietz and Anastasia Biefang

Berlin Premiere at Delphi Lux

In the context of queerfilmfestival Berlin, we are celebrating the Berlin Premiere of I am Anastasia Delphi Lux Cinema, Kantstrasse 10, 10623 Berlin Time: 16:30h

DOK.deutsch: Anastasia has been selected for the competition section at DOK.fest Munich

The World Premiere is coming up! On Friday, May 10th the film will be presented to the audience for the first time. World Premiere Screening is at 9:30 P.M. @ Atelier-Kino 1 in Munich

Film Review by Capriccio / BR-Television

In the context of DOK.fest Munich, Capriccio has broadcasted this review.


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